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What's in a name?
When it comes to branding, your name can go a long way towards telling people who you are and what you do. Take our name for example: Agency Atlas.
We chose it for its double meaning. On the one hand it refers to a book of maps and on the other, a Titan God recognized for strength, leadership and the ability to carry great weight on his shoulders. 
We use these definitions to paint metaphorical connections to our agency strengths around guidance, strength of delivery, and supportive relationships, but most of our business didn't come because our name was clever.
The fact is there is much, much more to a brand than its name and we can prove it with one quick exercise. 
Take a look at your phones contact list. Chances are you have much more in there than the first and last names of your contacts. 
Take mine for example; in the Ds alone you can find a dozen examples of me ignoring their name completely or fine-tuning it to match my viewpoint.  

  • Dad (OG)
  • Don't Pick Up (This is a very pushy Ford salesperson.)
  • Don't Pick Up 2 (Same dude — super pushy.)
  • Doc (Dr Denise Bowman)
  • Downstairs Dick (Ex-neighbour — I think his name was Robin.)
  • Drummer Dan (One of three Dans I know — arguably the coolest.)
  • Dan the Dentist (He does good work.)
  • Dan Da Man (Currently battling Drummer Dan to be recognized as "the coolest".)
  • Doogies Girl (My friend Hauser's GF.)
  • Dominos (Pizza)
  • Drapes (An old Kijiji contact.)
  • Desperate Double Ds (I should delete that one for the sake of my marriage. I'm deleting that one now.)
I know exactly who each of these people are and I have a different relationship with each and every one — and their proper name influences nothing more than which rhymes I use.
The same can be said for naming your business; It's less about the word and more about the feeling the word produces in the hearts and minds of those who engage with your offering. 
True, a name can help define your brand in the early going, especially if it connects directly to what you do, but for the most part the name won't mean anything if you don't execute on your promise — and it will mean whatever you want it to mean if you do. 
Need help getting recognized for more than your name — especially in the early stages of your business? Give us a call!

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